Being in a position of authority can sometimes make it difficult to accept that there are areas for improvement. You may feel that accepting feedback could diminish your authority or make you appear less competent. 

This is not the case! 

In fact, not acting and receiving feedback from your team and colleagues can dramatically hinder your professional development and impact as a leader.

In addition to this, team members may hesitate to give honest feedback to their leaders for fear of repercussions, making the feedback less valuable or skewed. This is not growth inspiring either!

Understanding your feedback challenges is the first step to improving how you receive and act on feedback.

From there we look to effective strategies you can implement to change your feedback cycle and refine your leadership approach. 

Watch this free webinar to learn how to receive feedback for professional growth.

This webinar is aimed at growth-focused leaders intent on improving their receptiveness to feedback, to unlock new avenues of development for themselves and their teams.

Webinar Receiving Impactful Feedback For Professional Growth

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Discover the pivotal role feedback plays in your professional trajectory and learn how to leverage it for ongoing skill enhancement and career advancement.
  • Identify and overcome barriers to receiving feedback constructively, while mastering the emotional intelligence skills needed to process feedback in real-time.
  • Equip yourself with proactive strategies for seeking out feedback and fostering a culture within your team that values constructive criticism as a catalyst for growth.

Key areas of focus will include...

1. Why Improving Your Ability to Receive and Seek Feedback Matters: Feedback has an important impact on your professional and personal growth and career trajectory. Understand the correlation between feedback, skill enhancement, and consistent improvement.

2. Identifying Barriers: Explore common obstacles that can hinder our ability to receive feedback openly and constructively. Learn to recognise these barriers and how to overcome them.

3. Managing Emotions in the Moment: Develop techniques to manage your emotions when receiving feedback in real-time. Learn to stay composed, process feedback effectively, and use it as a catalyst for growth.

4. Mindset and Skills for Effective Feedback Reception: Understand the beliefs and mindsets that allow you to receive feedback gracefully. 

5. Proactive Feedback Seeking: Learn proactive strategies to seek out feedback and create an environment where constructive criticism is encouraged. 

6. Common Pitfalls and Roadblocks: Identify common issues and roadblocks that can hinder your progress in feedback reception. Learn how to navigate these challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.

7. Equipping Your Team: Gain insights into how you can foster a feedback-oriented culture within your team or organisation. Discover effective strategies to equip your colleagues and team members with the skills needed for receiving and implementing feedback.

This webinar promises valuable insights, actionable techniques, and a deeper understanding of feedback's transformative potential.   



Amy Gray

Amy Gray is an experienced leadership and business coach who draws on more than 20 + years’ experience in senior leadership, digital, technical, and marketing roles to support growth-oriented leaders in cultivating clarity and confidence through one on one coaching, group leadership programs and online learning tools.

In her work with coaching clients today, Amy is extremely passionate about uncovering the ‘why’ and building high-performance cultures, believing that every person has a responsibility to consciously realise their potential and to positively impact those they lead.

Receiving Impactful Feedback For Professional Growth