Are you struggling with providing constructive feedback to your team members, peers, or stakeholders regularly and meaningfully?  

Is your feedback not landing the way you had hoped, having little to no impact on productivity and performance?

If so, you're not alone. But there are effective strategies and frameworks you can use to change the way you give feedback so that it lands with the recipient.

Giving feedback is a constant point of discussion in my coaching sessions with leaders and business owners. To help you master this crucial skill, watch this free webinar to guide you on Giving Growth-Oriented Feedback That Creates An Impact.

This webinar is for growth-oriented leaders who want to improve their feedback skills and help their teams grow.

Webinar Giving Growth Oriented Feedback That Creates An Impact

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why feedback is important and the impact it can have on your team's growth.

  • What "great" feedback looks like and the outcomes you can expect to see over time.

  • A 7 step framework for giving feedback that is thoughtful, purposeful, and delivered in a compassionate and constructive way.

Key areas of focus will include...

1. Cultivating a Feedback Culture: Understand why fostering a culture of feedback is a vital skill for leaders and managers. Explore how this dynamic approach enhances team collaboration, productivity, and overall organisational success.

2. Navigating Feedback Types: Discover the nuances between different feedback types and learn how to identify whether recognition feedback, coaching feedback or corrective feedback is needed.

3. Meaningful Recognition Feedback: Master the art of giving recognition feedback that truly resonates. Discover how to make your appreciation genuine, specific, and impactful, fostering deeper levels of meaning and engagement within your team.

4. Preparing and Delivering Corrective Feedback: Equip yourself with practical techniques for preparing and delivering corrective feedback. Learn how to address performance issues constructively, fostering growth and improvement.

5. Emotional Intelligence in Feedback: Explore the emotional dimensions of feedback, both for the giver and the receiver. Develop strategies to manage emotions effectively, ensuring feedback conversations remain respectful, empathetic, and conducive to growth.

6. The intricacies of giving constructive feedback effectively: Understand the different types of feedback, the common pitfalls, and the practical strategies to apply for more meaningful communication.

This webinar promises valuable insights, actionable techniques, and a deeper understanding of feedback's transformative potential.   



Amy Gray

Amy Gray is an experienced leadership and business coach who draws on more than 20 + years’ experience in senior leadership, digital, technical, and marketing roles to support growth-oriented leaders in cultivating clarity and confidence through one on one coaching, group leadership programs and online learning tools.

In her work with coaching clients today, Amy is extremely passionate about uncovering the ‘why’ and building high-performance cultures, believing that every person has a responsibility to consciously realise their potential and to positively impact those they lead.

Giving Growth Oriented Feedback That Creates An Impact