Developing Human-Centred Leadership


This bundle offers a holistic approach to leadership development, covering multiple aspects from personal coaching to practical training on specific skills. With a mix of one-on-one sessions and online materials, leaders can learn at their own pace and schedule learning around their commitments.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching Session
  • Online Training: Deep Active Listening Skills
  • Online Training: Better One-on-Ones
  • Online Training: Building Team Trust
  • Leaders Guidebook: Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Leaders Guidebook: Deep Active Listening
  • Training Video: Giving Growth-Oriented Feedback
  • Training Video: Receiving Impactful Feedback For Professional Growth


How these resources benefit you as a leader

  1. Skill Enhancement: The focus on deep active listening, conducting effective one-on-ones, and building team trust are all critical skills for effective leadership, which can lead to improved team dynamics and productivity.

  2. Feedback Mastery: Given the dual emphasis on giving and receiving feedback, leaders can learn to navigate this complex area with more confidence, resulting in more motivated teams and personal career growth.

  3. Sustained Support: The inclusion of guidebooks along with coaching sessions provides both immediate support and long-term reference material for continual learning and application.

  4. Culture Building: Understanding how to foster trust and how to communicate feedback effectively is essential for creating a positive workplace culture that encourages growth and innovation.

By improving your leadership skills, you can see immediate improvements in team performance and engagement, which can translate into long-term return on investment through increased retention and performance success.

700 Bundle - Developing Human-Centred Leadership