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Transform Your Leadership with Empowering Coaching & Delegation Skills

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Are you struggling with the people management aspects of your role?

Do you find yourself constantly telling people what to do, or feeling overwhelmed with the volume of tasks or decisions that require you to keep things moving?

Do you think that it’s quicker to do things yourself than to hand it over to someone else?

Or perhaps you're relying on one or two people to get things done?

If so, this 6 week program is designed for you!


  • The Leadership Effect

    “The course highlighted the traps that people/managers can fall into which inhibit personal growth and productivity.”

    Participant 2023

In this 6 week program you'll learn

  • Practical skills that will help you become a more effective leader and manager.
  • Strategies to empower your team to grow and develop without you having to constantly drive them forward.
  • Proven approaches to delegate tasks and responsibilities more effectively to remove yourself as the bottleneck.
  • Techniques to build trust, psychological safety and rapport with your team, whilst also motivating them proactively.
  • Create a positive, productive, performance-driven work environment.

Program Content



An introduction to what empowering delegation and coaching is and how you can use it as a really effective leadership and influence skill. Here you'll learn more about the mindsets, skills and capabilities around delegating and coaching and its potential impact.


The difference between coaching and mentoring can be difficult to define, but the truth is – there are some important differences. In this module, we cover how teaching, mentoring and coaching differ and why advice giving isn’t (always) the answer to the challenges you and your team face.


Once we’re clear on the difference between teaching, mentoring and coaching, we dive into some of the beliefs, mindsets, and emotional states that will help you be a more effective coach. Coaching isn’t just a skill-set, it’s a mindset as well.


The first skill required to be a more effective at influencing and being more coach-like is deep active listening. To be more effective you need to move quickly from surface and conversational listening to deep active listening. We cover the mindsets and skills of listening to practice and applying to your coaching approach.


To become a better coach in the workplace you need to develop the ability to ask curious, thought provoking and powerful questions. In this section of the course we cover some key approaches to help you amplify your question asking, and elevate your coaching skills.


Context plays a very big part in the approach you use with individuals or teams. Being able to identify which approach is the right one for a particular situation is an important skill. We take some time to review the Situational Leadership model and how to leverage this simple but effective framework.


After learning the critical mindsets and skills required to be a more effective leader and coach, we to dive into two coaching frameworks that will provide you with a map of how to engage in a coaching conversation with an individual, a team or even yourself.


This is where the rubber hits the road. You'll learn how to practice these skills as individual components or as a full coaching conversation. You will have some deliberate practice techniques and frameworks to help you embed your new skills and see the impacts they can create.


We all bump into some difficulties when we begin practicing a new leadership approach and its different techniques so you can bring your experiences back to the group for feedback on how to get back on track if you get stuck or come up against some tricky situations.

The Leadership Effect

“I used to think that I was coaching my team and through this program I realised that I was spending more of my time just directing them. Once I realised why I was still the bottleneck I changed my approach using the techniques I learnt in the course. It took some time to switch gears but I've started seeing the results in my team. They are definitely taking more ownership and coming to me with options rather than problems for me to solve”

IT Manager

The Leadership Effect

“The opportunity to learn the tools and ask Amy questions during the course was really valuable. I walked away with some simple, tactical tools that I could quickly put into practice and I saw some immediate benefits.”

Small Business Owner

The Leadership Effect

“My company wasn't providing me with the training I felt I needed to become a better manager but I I was looking for a way to be able to be a better leader, and to try to reduce the team's dependency on me. The course gave me practical tools and frameworks to be able to start developing my leadership approach and the people in my team. The conversations with my team have changed and my manager has also noticed the change”

Manager, Financal Services


years coaching and teaching experience



Managers, Leaders and Small Business Owners

Coaching, Influencing and Delegating

Save yourself time and stress, create better results, and enjoy your work again.

Applying the mindsets, approaches and key skills of a coach can help your team solve challenging problems, set goals, be more accountable and autonomous, and learn on the job.

This 4 week live (remote) course will support you with fundamental mindsets, frameworks and tools to become a more inspiring, engaging and effective leader or manager.

Develop your team and extend their performance whilst reducing your own workload.

6 x weekly live teaching sessions

Each session is 60min teaching with 30min Q&A

Models, resources and coaching frameworks

Access to all the tools, trainings and recordings.

  • The Leadership Effect

    “I learnt how important it is to empower people and delegate responsibilities so that you don't become a bottleneck for progress. Overall the course has created a paradigm shift in the way I think and manage people.”

    Participant 2023

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This live training program will include:

  • 6 week program with trainings held virtually
  • 60min Kick-off Session 
  • 5 x 90min Weekly Trainings & Q&A 
  • Recordings and resources from all sessions 
  • Lifetime Access to the Coaching Skills Course & Resources

Early-Bird Registration: $660pp
Registration: $990pp

Discounted registration applies to team bookings of 2+ at checkout.



Coaching enhances performance and productivity  

Many organisations and businesses invest in teaching their leaders how to use coaching as a leadership skill because they recognise the positive impact it can have on performance and productivity.

Coaching, rather than telling or managing, helps individual team members to set clear goals, develop action plans, and hold themselves accountable for their progress. Through regular check-ins and feedback, leaders who coach can provide valuable insights and support, enabling individuals to stay focused, motivated, and on track.

This enhanced performance and productivity leads to improved results and outcomes for the company.


Hi! I’m Amy Gray.

I’m a executive-level leadership and business coach whose proprietary coaching framework enables individual leaders to create clarity and confidence as they make continual progress towards their personal and professional goals. 

My work draws on more than 25 years’ experience in senior leadership in digital, technical and marketing roles, as well as the start-up and growth of two successful businesses

When I began leading and managing people many years ago my leadership education came from observing other leaders, asking questions and reading as much information as I could on what created great leadership. But the work landscape was changing quite rapidly and the type of challenges and problems we faced required a different approach than a command and control style leadership style.

I found that I was the bottleneck for many decisions and felt overwhelmed being across everything my team was working on and managing the problems they were facing.      

I felt frustrated that people weren’t taking ownership but equally I often gave in to the common thought of ‘It takes too long to show them how to do it, it’s easier if I just get in and do it myself’. 

Don’t get me wrong there was a part of me that felt more comfortable with this level of control but I didn’t understand the long-term cost of this approach. The impact was that there was absolutely no way to be able to scale the team, and my management style was burning them and me out.

Fast forward to today where I have been part of 2 start-ups that required scaling and I now coach leaders and businesses on how to become more purposeful and human-centred in their approach whilst scaling their businesses and delivering long-term results and a more engaged workforce.

I created this coaching skills course based on my experience in leading teams and organisations, and helping leaders – of all levels – to be more purposeful about their approach to leading.

Developing your coaching skills will create

  • Increased engagement within your team
  • A learning-driven culture
  • Higher levels of ownership and empowerment
  • Better problem solving skills in your team
  • Higher levels of trust and psychological safety
  • More influence with your team and others
  • Scalability of your team
  • More effective and impactful delegation of tasks
  • The Leadership Effect

    “As soon as I practiced the skills of being curious and asking better questions my team members noticed and started bringing me solutions to the challenges, they faced rather than only bringing the challenges. To be honest, I was surprised at how quickly I saw a change in my team.”

    Project Manager, Property Development

As a leader or manager, of any capacity, I promise that if you consistently invest in developing the mindsets and skills that contribute to being more coach-like at work, you absolutely can…

Unlock the potential in people, enabling them to feel engaged and autonomous in problem solving which supports their growth and learning and leads to better performance.

Applying the mindsets, approaches and key skills of a coach can help your team solve challenging problems, set goals, be more accountable and autonomous, and learn on the job.

Relieving your workload is achievable.

Encouraging a self-managing team is achievable. 

Improving productivity and outcomes is achievable. 

All easily achievable with the right coaching and delegation frameworks.

Let me show you how...

Online and Live CourseCoaching

Coaching & Delegation Skills
for Leaders, Managers and Small Business Owners

OCT-NOV 2023

Early Bird Registration $660pp

Registration $990pp

Discounted registration applies to team registrations of 2+ at checkout.

  • 60min kick-off call.
  • 5 x 90min weekly training and Q&A calls.
  • Lifetime access to Coaching Skills Course.
  • Recordings and Resources from the live program.
  • Small group for active feedback and intensive learning.